York University Anti-Drinking Ad Blasted For Being Sexist

"Don't Try To Keep Up With The Guys"

While frosh students are still moving in and adjusting to their upcoming new academic year, York University is already being blasted for a series of anti-drinking ads, that many are claiming to be sexist.

Found in women’s washrooms around campus, the posters depicted a young woman looking at photos on her phone from the night before with a startled look on her face. “Don’t try to keep up with the guys,” it reads, referencing a night of heavy drinking.

The images show the woman’s night in a procession of photos, starting off from her personal account “college girl” #bingedrinking and #makingfriends, followed by a photo of her in a bed looking drunk posted by “collegeguy,” with the caption #mykindofparty. “It’s not just about keeping an eye on your drink,” it reads below.

(Photo by Claire Van Nierop via Twitter)

Students and faculty are clapping back against the ad for being sexist against women, saying it promotes victim blaming. Some say the ad implies that by drinking, it puts women at risk of sexual assault, rather than put the blame the perpetrator.

York Region Public Health manager Ann Ramkay told CBC the campaign was to warn women how heavy drinking affects them differently from men.

“We’re seeing an increase in women drinking. They are at risk for alcohol-related harm because they often weigh less, have more fat tissue, less water in their bodies and lower levels of enzymes that break down alcohol [than men].”

York Region responded to complains, apologizing for their mistake and announcing they would be removing the ads. “To anyone who took offence at this campaign, we offer our sincerest apologies,” it reads. “We appreciate your feedback and will be suspending this campaign.”

Image courtesy Claire van Nierop via Twitter