You Are Being Encouraged To Have A ‘Rat Girl’ Summer!

Move over hot girl, it's time for us to become rats!

Last year was ‘hot girl summer,’ but this year there’s something new for you!

TikTok users are embracing and encouraging others to have a ‘rat girl’ summer.  While the worst rodent possible doesn’t sound that appealing, people are changing the narrative to what a rat can be.

When Megan Thee Stallion introduced us to hot girl summer, we grabbed the concept with both hands.

As the icon herself explained: ‘Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party etc.’

The phrase ‘rat girl’ was coined by screenwriter and TikTok creator, Lola, who tells us to ’embrace the rodent energy.’

Lola said: ‘We’re scurrying around the streets, we’re nibbling our little snacks and generally finding ourselves in places we have no business being in.’ It’s giving feral and mischievous – and we’re here for it.

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These are the rules for a ‘rat girl’ summer!

You have to go outside! (You cannot scurry in bed or on a couch)
Get out and socialize
Meet new people and see where it takes you!
Eat and enjoy eating- Fuel your ratty-ness!  This is about banishing the damaging ‘summer body’ myth and loving yourself. ‘We’re eating and having fun,’ says Lola.

Kill the cringe! Follow your urge and do what you want to do!

And finally, ‘no overthinking’ Do You think a rat thinks twice before stealing a slice of pizza and scurrying across the subway platform? No. We’re going with our gut. We’re going with our intuition.’

So being a rat girl this summer is all about banishing that inner critic, and permitting yourself to be free and spontaneous.

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