You Can Actually Buy NSYNC Ugly Christmas Sweaters

You're welcome, '90s kids.

The ’90s boy band is returning with some comfy Christmas swag for you! On their official website, they’re offering Christmas sweaters with corny lines and images, but people seemed to love them because they’re all sold out!

This sweater pays homage to their “No Strings Attached” album:

This one’s a mix of their Christmas classic “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” and “Bye Bye Bye.”

And it’s not just sweaters you can purchase. Your feet will be warm with these “It’s Gonna Be Sleigh” slippers – a reference to their hit “It’s Gonna Be Me.”

On their website it says “Wow! We underestimated your enthusiasm. Shame on us! We will talk to Santa ASAP!” So hopefully they’ll be getting more in!

In the meantime, we can enjoy this classic:


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