You Can Now Buy A Candle That Smells Like 2020

It smells like banana bread, hand sanitizer, and more

If for whatever reason you want to remember the smells of 2020, there is now a candle available to keep the memories alive…


Flaming Crap, an online retailer is selling a limited edition candle that will fill your home with four smells that represent this year.

The candle features four fragrant layers that represent the lockdown!


The first, banana bread to pay homage to the baking everyone did in lockdown.

The next smell is sanitizer (some smell nice).

The third fragrance has been designed to remember DIY projects that people have attempted this year with a wood musk smell.

The final scent is a budget aftershave to pay tribute to Joe Exotic from Tiger King, one of the most recognizable faces of 2020!


You can pre-order the candle before its release on November 2nd.


Buy your candle here!