You Can Now Buy A Pee Cup’ So Your Kids Can Go Anywhere Without Making A Mess!

For Emergencies!

If you’re taking a road trip this summer and don’t want to making many stops to save time- this may help you get from A to B without The P!

Someone has made a sealable cup with a funnel for your kid to pee into if they got to go…

The ’emergency toilet’ holds up to 500ml of liquid and comes in a style for boys and girls.

It also comes with a clip incase you want to attach it to your stroller when you’re at the theme park, for example and the line is really long for the bathroom.

Parents seem to be on board with this new product as one mom said in the comments section; 

‘This is an excellent idea to keep in the car! My 3 and 5 year olds are sometimes desperate to go and there are no toilets around and rather than making them wait they can use this. It’s very easy to use and the lid locks tight.  The ONEDONE Portable Potty Emergency Toilet is perfect for camping, long car rides or outings in the park.  You can buy it on Amazon!