You Can Now Buy Battery-Operated Heated Underwear

Winter is coming!

Tired of feeling cold everywhere?  Have no fear, as hot panties are here to warm your delicates!

There is a range of heated clothing on the market for those of us who seem to always be cold.  Heated gloves, jackets, slippers and blankets! 

Its incredible that we’ve been ignoring our nether regions all this time!

While these hot panties seem practical, they also survive a medial function.  The panties apparently regulate the uterus environment, soothe menstrual pain, and protect health and fertility, particularly in the field of ‘cold infertility’.

For those who just want to feel heat, there are 5 gear settings… 

Gear 1 – 37°C – winter warm
Gear 2 – 40°C – ‘palace cold’ conditioning
Gear 3 – 45°C – menstrual conditioning
Gear 4 – 50°C – relieves dysmenorrhea (period pain)
Gear 5 – 40-50°C – daily health

Heads up, these knickers are hand wash only and make sure you remove the battery before you do!