You Can Send Christmas Parcels Anywhere in Canada for Less than $20!

This is handy!

Yesterday, I went to the post office to mail a stocking full of gifts to someone in Edmonton. I expected to have to buy a box for ~$7 then have it measured and weighed before I would know the total cost.

It turns out Canada Post has a very handy option, perfect for the season: Flat rate shipping boxes! You can get a ‘Small’ box for $17.99 plus tax and you can fill it up to 5kg and it will be shipped anywhere in Canada. The Medium costs $22.99+tax  and the Large is $29.99+tax . Depending on where you are shipping, this can be a very very good deal! (I once sent some chocolate to a friend teaching in a remote community and it cost over $20 for a very tiny package.)

The flat rate shipping box was first introduced as a pilot project in 2016.

Check out your local Canada Post to find the boxes and find more info HERE.

What will you send?