You Can’t Say “Bring Home The Bacon” Anymore Because Of Veganism!

Have we taken things too far?

There was a funny article about Vegans wanting common terms changed to be less offensive.  The article was meant to be light-hearted and fun much like Dale & Charlie’s morning show.  No offence meant but again, just a little light-hearted humour!


Some people are forcing society to rethink common terms that have been used for years… PETA is an incredible organization fighting for the protection of animals. That being said; 

PETA has already been pushing for a harm-free alternative to using animal terms in phrases… So no more “Hold your horses” or “Bringing home the bacon” and forget about Killing two birds with one stone!

There are alternatives for those looking to be more PC

Out: Bring home the bacon
In: Bring home the bagels

Out: Let the cat out of the bag
In: Spill the beans

Out: All your eggs in one basket
In: All your berries in one bowl

Out: Open a can of worms
In: Open Pandora’s box

Out: Flog a dead horse
In: Feed a fed horse

Out: Hold your horses
In: Hold the phone

Out: Killing two birds with one stone
In: Feeding two birds with one scone

Out: Taking the bull by the horns
In: Taking the flower by the thorns

Out: More than one way to skin a cat
In: More than one way to peel a potato

Out: Be the guinea pig
In: Be the test tube

Peta says on its website: ‘While these phrases may seem harmless, they carry meaning and can send mixed signals to students about the relationship between humans and animals and can normalize abuse.”