You Don’t Need To Let Your Wine Breathe Once You Open It

It doesn’t improve taste according to experts.

Many people open a bottle of wine ahead of time to allow for it to breathe as it’s assumed that this will improve the taste.


There are lots of people, myself included; that will just open a bottle and enjoy right away.


According to one wine expert, you no longer need to let wine breathe before you drink it.  Wine taster Martin Isark says, ‘Most wines produced today are palate-friendly and ready to drink.’ He adds, that it’s the glass that makes the wine taste better.


The only exception may be rare vintage wines.  One expert on vintage wines say that they are only good for one to two hours.


Older wines left in cellars for years tend to have sediments building up over time.  But modern winemaking leaves little or no sediment, meaning the liquid is ready to drink.