You May Be Getting Charged More For Aisle Seats!

Wait, what?

It’s already stressful trying to get tickets to your favourite events. It’s expensive and annoying when you can’t get the tickets you want; plus you have to prove that you’re not a robot- its exhausting!

Now get ready to pay a little more if you prefer the aisle seats!  You may not have noticed but Live Nation has recently started selling aisle seats at a premium adding an additional $5 to $30 to your tickets price if you select the aisle.

Live Nation says it’s offering this price jump on tickets for people  “looking to enjoy the convenience of easy access to refreshments, restrooms, and venue exits.”

And it’s not just the aisle seat, you may be paying more for the second and third seat in also because you’re most likely going to the show with someone else!

The upside to this is that Live Nation must get approval from the artist and promoter to jack up the price!  Live Nation is calling them “premium aisle seats” which is basically a nice way of saying- we’re ripping you off!