You May Have Neanderthal DNA, And It Could Put You At Greater Risk

This may be why some people get sicker compared to others

Long ago, modern humans and Neanderthals had an encounter, and that encounter produced a child!  While the two species are now well documented, no one could have suspected that that encounter would impact the world 60,000 years later!


Scientists have been scrambling to understand why some people who contract COVID-19 get it worse compared to others.


The study reads in part; 


“While pre-existing underlying conditions and contributing social inequalities explain a large part of our vulnerability, there still stubbornly remains a significant portion of people who are young and healthy yet inexplicably end up with severe respiratory problems, whereas their equally healthy peers only experience the mildest symptoms.”



People with Neanderthal DNA are three times more likely to have severe coronavirus cases.  About 50% of people of south Asian descent and 16% of people of European descent have those Neanderthal genes.