You Wouldn’t Miss a Birthday or Anniversary, So Why Would You Miss This Important Date?

Keep Your Family (And Your Home!) Safe... #CheckTheDate

Dubbed the “Silent Killer,” Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a highly poisonous gas that can’t been seen, tasted or smelled. When carbon monoxide builds up, especially in a confined room or space- it can have toxic effects on humans and pets.

To keep Ontarians safe, the fire code has been ammended to include Carbon Monoxide detectors as a requirement for every home. And just as you should  be replacing your fire alarm batteries every year, you should be replacing those in your CO detector and ensuring that it has not passed its expiration date.

To keep your family safe, follow this checklist:

  • No matter the age of your home, if you have oil, propane or gas burning appliances, furnace or water heater, a wood or gas fireplace, or an attached garage or carport, you must have at least one working carbon monoxide alarm installed.
  • Home owners who do not protect their homes with a CO alarm are at risk of being fined (similar to smoke alarm laws)
  • It is critical to check your CO alarm(s) expiry date. Replace any alarms built before 2008. CO alarms need to be replaced every 7–10 years depending on the brand.
  • Remember to annually replace batteries in your CO alarm, or opt for models with 10-year sealed lithium batteries that never need to be changed.
  • Regular appliance inspections are critical. Have a licenced technician check your fuel-burning appliances (furnace, range, fireplace, water heater) annually to ensure they are in proper working order and vented correctly.

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