You’ll Have 2,184 Arguments With Your Kids This Year And Only Win Half Of Them

I never win!

A survey found the average parent has six separate arguments with their kids each day.  That works out to 42 arguments a week, 182 a month, and 2,184 a year.

But the saddest stat is you only win about half of those arguments.  Most parents said they end up compromising a lot, just to keep the peace.

Here are the ten most common things we argue with our kids about:


1.  Not cleaning their plate.  Over half of all arguments involve foods or drinks.


2.  Not cleaning their bedroom.


3.  Only wanting junk food.


4.  Complaining that they’re full after they’ve barely touched their food.


5.  Fighting with their siblings.


6.  Eating junk food before a meal.


7.  Trying to delay their bedtime.


8.  Homework.


9.  Using their phones and computers too much.


10.  Not brushing their teeth.