Your Back Yard Barbecue Causes A lot Of Pollution!

According to scientists, having a barbecue releases more greenhouse gas than a 145km car ride…

The estimated carbon output is based on the burning of charcoal and on the energy used to produce the food says the article found in the 

Researchers from the University of Manchester says that a BBQ for four people releases the equivalent of 800 ballots full of carbon dioxide assuming that each person would eat two beef burgers.

Researchers says that switching to chicken or going vegetarian can cut emissions dramatically.  ‘Food contributes over 20 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions,’ said Sarah Bridle, who led the research.

Beef Burgers are to blame for most of the greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to about 60 balloons, so by switching to chicken you could reduce that to around 15 balloons.

Researchers say, barbecue where meat was replaced with vegan sausages, cheese was swapped for onion, butter was exchanged for vegetable spread and cream was switched to sugar would reduce the emissions to the equivalent of about 80 balloons of carbon dioxide per head for the meal.

Food for thought!