Your Partner May Really Have Selective Hearing!

So you’re not losing your mind, or are you?

According to a new poll, seven out of ten people think their partner has “selective hearing.”

The research, conducted by Scrivens Hearing Care via OnePoll, also found that men use selective hearing more than women.  (You don’t say!  Or maybe you do- and they aren’t listening)

On average men use selective hearing seven times a week and women do it about six times.  

Men “don’t hear” something their partner says at least once a day, for a total of 388 times a year.  And women “don’t hear” something their partner says almost every day, for a total of 339 times a year.

Experts suggest before losing your mind on your partner who you are convinced is not listening to you- they may actually need to get their hearing checked.   The study, part of Hearing Awareness Month, is aimed at encouraging more people to have a hearing test.  About 40% of those in the study say that they are almost certain that their partner struggles to hear.