Your Timmies App MIGHT Be Spying On You… According To The OPC!

I'll have a Double Double with a WAIT WHAT?

This article in no way is meant to slander our good friends at Tim Horton’s, rather give you a heads up about what the app on your phone is doing.

If you’re a Timmie’s fanatic, grabbing your coffee everyday and scanning the app, you might be putting yourself at risk!

According to the OPC (Office of The Privacy Commissioner Of Canada) an investigation has been launched into the Tim Horton’s mobile app. There are concerns from the OPC that the app may be collecting and using data about YOUR daily moments without your consent.

The office considers it “an issue of great importance to Canadians given the very sensitive privacy issues it raises” and wants to get to the bottom of this.

Timmie’s is co-operating and has stated that the app does give the option of “always” sharing location to the users, it’s up to them to turn it off.

So if you aren’t comfy with this, simply go into your app permissions and turn it off! Keep this in mind and be careful.

Hopefully the investigation will pull up nothing but there is always a possibility!