Your Wine Glass Is Getting Bigger

Size does matter

If we’re boozing more, maybe it’s the size of our glasses. British researchers did some checking and found that wine glasses have gotten bigger over the centuries. A report in the British Medical Journal says wine glass capacity increased from 66ml (2.2 ounces) in the 1700s to 417ml (14 ounces) in the 2000s. And by 2016, the average glass size was 449ml (15 ounces). Why? Part of the reason, they found, is due to using different size glasses for different types of wine. Part of it is simply that wine is trendy. Alcohol consumption in general then started to increase, and wine consumption rose almost fourfold during 1960-80, almost doubling again during 1980-2004 (plate sizes have also increased in the last 100 years leading to more consumption). The study found larger wine glasses can also increase the pleasure from drinking wine, which may increase the desire to drink more.

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banner graphic – British Medical Journal