You’re Basically Worthless at Work by 10:19 A.M. on Friday

Obviously you still get some work done after that.  But not nearly as much as you do the rest of the week. 

At what point do you switch off at work, and start thinking about the weekend?  Well, apparently it’s about an hour after you start work on Friday.



According to a survey, the average person starts winding down and worrying about their weekend plans at 10:19 Friday morning.

On the flip side, 44% said they think about work during the weekend.  And 20% think about it so much, it sometimes RUINS their weekend.



The survey also found the average person is willing to spend $260 to have a great Saturday and Sunday.  But 47% of us basically do the same stuff most of the time.



And 10% of us have lied to our friends and co-workers, or embellished what we did over the weekend so we’d seem more interesting.