You’ve Been Saying It Wrong

"Rolled? Rawld" Nope! We've been saying his name wrong!

Are you a big fan of Roald Dahl? Unlike many of my friends, I did NOT grow up reading his books. However the first movie adaption of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (ie. Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) was one of my favourites.
Just last week, I was talking with my best friend, Michelle, and she was saying that I needed to get my daughter some Roald Dahl books. What are your favourite Dahl stories?

Here’s the thing: if you’ve ever said Roald Dahl’s name out loud, there is high chance you’ve said it wrong. How do you pronounce “Roald”? Rolled? Rawld? Row-ald?

Well, here’s the anwer: ROO ahl.
Proof? The introduction to Way Out, a TV show Mr. Dahl co-wrote and hosted.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for re-posting this video:


How did you pronounce “Roald”?

The right way, obviously! “Roo-awl”

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