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KOOL OR NOT KOOL is brought to you by:


Simcoe County’s most anticipated contest is back!

We’re once again filling up the briefcases with over $100,000 and all you have to do to win your share is tell us whether it’s KOOL or NOT KOOL!

Be listening for your cue to call and be caller 7 through at (705) 727-1075 when you hear it play.

You’ll get to open briefcases and try to win $10,000! But watch out for that delicious can of spam waiting to take a bite out of your winnings. Just for playing you’ll win a Night Out to Gateway Casinos Innisfil!


Kool Or Not Kool Bonus Chance

Once again KOOL FM is giving you a bonus chance to play KOOL or NOT KOOL  where we call out your name every weekday starting September 4th, 2018!

To be eligible, sign up by filling out the form below, then make sure that you’re listening every weekday during our commercial-free mornings (9am-12pm) for your name.

If it’s called you’ll have 10 minutes and 75 seconds to call us back at 705-727-1075 to play.

KOOL OR NOT KOOL is brought to you by Gateway Casinos Innisfil. Play. Enjoy. Celebrate.

KONK Rules and Regs- 2018a

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