Dale and Charlie Parody Songs

Photo provided by Kayla Evans
Charlie first met Dale when he was the leader of a band called the Sorry men, who were playing at a church picnic in Beeton.  Dale was impressed that Charlie couldn’t sing, yet she didn’t seem to care, so he asked her to join the band.  After a few personnel changes, with a guitar player named Harry and a drummer named Bingo, they were ready to conquer the world!
It was “Dale & Charlie mania” as they landed in the big city for their first appearance, which was on Reach for the Top…which was an odd choice since it had nothing to do with music, but Dale was just trying to show off.  After the band broke up, both Dale & Charlie went on to solo careers.  But when the opportunity came to team up again on Kool Mornings, they jumped at it!  And now, sit back, open up your ears real wide, and get ready to be appalled.


“I’m A Little Bit Mommy”





Dale & Charlie sing about Jean Machine closing!