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I’m from the good old town of Keswick, Ontario. (No, I didn’t marry my cousin. And no, I don’t own a ‘Keswick Dinner Jacket’). When I was a kid I played Soccer but used to fake injuries to get off the field. So, naturally, my parents put me in theatre, and that was all she wrote!

Singing, acting, and dancing was pretty much my life growing up, and once it came time to pick a career, I knew I didn’t want to be a struggling actress, so instead I decided to be a struggling Radio DJ!

I studied Broadcasting: Radio, TV & Film at Niagara College, and after a brief dream of becoming a Sportscaster, I landed my first job in the field in Promotions here at Kool FM. Since then, I have worked at radio stations within Simcoe County and Northern Ontario, until finally coming back home to Kool FM. Over my years here I’ve been lucky enough to experience many roles in front of, and behind the mic. 

I’m a wife, a mom to a beautiful daughter and an awesome dog, wino, yogi, social media addict, loud music lover and, of course, I love to talk!

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