VIDEO: Ryan Gosling Sings The Woes of Ken

‘Cause I’m just Ken. Anywhere else I’d be a 10'

Canadian Actor Ryan Gosling has shown us that Ken can sing.

In another marketing ploy to promote the upcoming ‘Barbie’ movie, starring Margot Robbie and Gosling, a catchy musical number and music video have been released that details the Ken character singing about his woes of always being secondary to Barbie.

“I have feelings that I can’t explain / Driving me insane / All my life been so polite / ‘Cause I’m just Ken / Anywhere else I’d be a 10 / Is it my destiny to live and die a life of blond fragility?” Gosling sings.

The song was written by Oscar winning Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt and is the latest song to be released from the original motion picture’s soundtrack, which also includes Grammy-winning artists Billie Eilish and original songs from Lizzo, Charli XCX and Dua Lipa.

‘Barbie’ hits theatres July 21st.