$10,000 Minute April 15th, 2pm

How'd you do?

1. How many holes are in a full round of golf?


2. The acronym SWAT stands for Special Weapons and WHAT?


3. What band has Gwen Stefani been the lead vocalist for since 1986?

(No Doubt)

4. From the Marvel Universe, what is the name of Thor’s brother?


5. The cheesesteak sandwich originated in which US City?


6. If you have $700 and spend half of it, how much money do you have left?


7. TRUE OR FALSE: The python is a poisonous snake.


8. SPELL: Endeavor.

(E N D E A V O R)

9. How many astrological signs are there in the zodiac?


10. What do we have on our tongues that allow us to taste the differences in different foods?

(Taste Buds)