8 Non Sexy Jobs Considered Turn Offs

Did your career path make the list?

When it comes to someone you’re attracted to, everyone has their own thing that really draws you into a person, like; nice eyes, straight teeth, good income, etc., but what about sexiness of their job?

On Redditt, readers were asked what jobs and career paths are considered turn offs, here are some from that list.


Their professional and personal lives WILL get mixed up.


You WILL be spoken about and featured on their social media.

Flight Attendants or Long-Haul Truckers

Really any career that would have the person away for long periods of time.

Massage Therapist

People don’t like the idea of their hands on someone else’s body.

Undertaker, Embalmer, Mortician, Funeral Director

No description necessary.


Because of the smells they’d bring home from work.


Because the general impression is that you’re broke.

Radio Personality

This one didn’t actually make the list, however we don’t think it’s really a turn on to be broke AND have to get up before the sun.