Pickle Cotton Candy & Cheeseburger Ice Cream & Deep Fried Pizza, OH MY!

Check out which crazy food creations you can expect at this year's CNE.

It’s that time of year, Summer is winding down and back-to-school is lingering around the corner, and the CNE is on in downtown Toronto.

Of course there’s the midway, shows, live entertainment, vendors and all the usual suspects, but the big thing everyone is looking forward to is the FOOD, and what crazy creations are making their appearance this year.

Four Pound Taco

Watermelon Burger

Cheese Burger Ice Cream

Deep Fried Pizza

Peanut Butter Chocolate Corn Dog

Pickle Cotton Candy

The CNE is on now in Toronto until September 4th.

Here is where you can check out more crazy food concoctions available this year.

(All images courtesy of The Ex.com)