$10,000 Minute April 12th 2pm

How'd you do?

1. If you saved 50 dollars every month for one year, how much money would you have saved?


2. What element is used in most liquid thermometers?


3. SPELL: Limousine.

(L I M O U S I N E)

4. Name one of the two artists that headlined at the 2020 Super Bowl.

(Shakira/Jennifer Lopez)

5. How many Great Lakes are there?

(5 – Superior, Huron, Michigan, Erie & Ontario)

6. In a game of soccer, when a player is issued a red card what does that mean?

(Kicked out of the game)

7. Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of what social media company?


8. What is the food of choice for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?


9. Agave juice from the Blue Agave plant is fermented and distilled to make what type of alcohol?


10. What is a group of Lions referred to as?

(A Pride)