Bob Barker Dies at 99

“Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

Beloved game show host and animal rights activist Bob Barker passed away Saturday at the age of 99.

He was working in radio in 1956 when a producer invited him to audition as the new host of a TV game show called of “Truth or Consequences,”; which is he continued to be the host of 18 years. Then was doing “The Price is Right” at the same time”, which of course would become TV’s longest-running game show. Bob then retired in June 2007, and Drew Carey took over for him on the show.

Barker was given a lifetime achievement award at the 26th annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 1999.

Besides his television work, Bob was also known for hosting the Miss USA Pageant and the Miss Universe Pageant for 20 years, and was a huge animal rights activist. He was one of the driving forces behind taking the three elephants from our Toronto Zoo and getting them into an elephant sanctuary in California.

And of course, his forever tag line will always be imprinted in our minds… “Have your pets spayed or neutered.”