Does Your Brain Need a Boost?


Does Your Brain Need a Boost?

Our brain is responsible for so much of what happens in our daily lives and often we often don’t even think about it (humour is good for the brain)!

Join Katherine Parent RNCP, CNP of Make Good Choices and Dr. Pete Douros ND, HOM of Awakened Heart Naturopathic to explore the importance of brain health.

Some exciting areas you will learn about:

– Overview of different areas of the brain and what they are responsible for
– Key foods and nutrition for optimal brain fuel/metabolism and how to keep it healthy
– Latest research of the connection between GUT health (especially sugar intake) and brain health in adults,
infants and kids
– How side effects and nutrient depletion from medications can present as brain symptoms
– Non-medical approaches to help with brain health- music, art therapy, mind games/puzzles, social
interaction, dance, nature
– Tips on how to care for those with brain challenges
– Alternative medicine for brain health: German New Medicine and Homeopathy

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