KOOL FM’s Pot of Gold Contest

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Barrie’s favourite leprechaun, Tipsy O’Kool is back again for KOOL FM’s Pot of Gold Contest!

He’s hidden his pot of gold somewhere in Simone Country and we need your help to find it!  If you can figure out where it is, and the correct caller through you’ll be $1,000 richer!

Listen to KOOL FM this St Patrick’s Day (Tuesday March 17th, 2020), because every hour between 6am and 6pm  we’ll reveal a clue as to where it’s hidden! Put two and two together and the winner could be you!

KOOL FM’s Pot of Gold Contest is brought to you by The 400 Market, open every Saturday & Sunday, Highway 400 at Innisfil Beach Road and heard only on Barrie’s Best Mix 107-5 KOOL FM!

Congratulations to Judith of Craighurst who guessed the correct location of Tipsy O’Kool’s Pot of Gold! 

1 Barrie City Transit Bus – Georgian Mall 

She wins $1,000 CASH! 

Contest Rules:

The Pot of Gold Contest is open to any resident of Simcoe County over the age of 18,
KOOL FM will provide one clue every hour between 6am-6pm on Tuesday March 17th, 2020
After the clue is provided the phone lines will open up and the first 3 callers will be allowed to make a guess as to where the virtual pot of gold is hidden.
All guesses must be specific.
If no one guesses the specific location then the guessing is over until the next clue is revealed.
Once the pot of gold has been found the contest is over.
KOOL FM is not responsible for a listener’s inability to reach the stations due to service interruption, technical problems, dropped calls, the failure of telephone or electronic equipment, poor/slow internet connection, or the inability of a listener to contact the KOOL FM for any reason whatsoever.
Decisions of KOOL FM are final and cannot be challenged.

Past Clues:

Clue #1 – To kick off our search, forget what you know — this year’s hidden spot, is unlike the old.

Clue #2 – Where some come to play, and some come to seek bounty, be sure that good fortune lives in Simcoe County.

Clue #3 – But so many towns, let’s narrow it down!  In the city of Barrie have a good look around.

Clue #4 – A twenty twenty leap year, felt right for a twist, in a static location, no gold shall exist.

Clue #5- If you’re on the four hundred, around Essa road… you’re well on your way, to finding my gold.

Clue #6- When you’re close to my gold, you might take a seat, if you travel to work, on your way home repeat.

Clue #7- Why yes, there are windows, and yes there are doors, there’s plenty of seating and hard rubber floors.

Clue #8- From Dunlop to Park Place, From Bear Creek to Grove, explore this great city, there’s gold on these roads!

Clue #9- For those far from home, or those on the go, you might catch quick glimpse, if you’re at the depot.

Clue #10- There’s a place called a mall, where people go shopping, just follow my gold, because there it be stopping.