KOOL FM’s Pot of Gold Contest

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Once again  Kool FM is teaming up with Surelock Homes Locksmith’s this St Patrick’s Day!

Our Kool FM Leprechaun Tipsy O’ Kool is hiding his “Virtual” pot of gold somewhere in Simcoe County filled with $1000.

If you unlock the mystery and discover the location and happen to be the lucky caller through you’ll win the pot of gold and get 1000 shiny loonies!

Be listening to KOOL FM starting at 6 am on  Friday, March 15th for clues on where to find it. Every hour, we’ll give you a new clue.

Good luck!

Contest Rules:

The Pot of Gold Contest is open to any resident of Simcoe County over the age of 18,
KOOL FM will provide one clue every hour between 6am-6pm on Friday March 15th, 2019
After the clue is provided the phone lines will open up and the first 3 callers will be allowed to make a guess as to where the virtual pot of gold is hidden.
All guesses must be specific.
If no one guesses the specific location then the guessing is over until the next clue is revealed.
Once the pot of gold has been found the contest is over.
KOOL FM is not responsible for a listener’s inability to reach the stations due to service interruption, technical problems, dropped calls, the failure of telephone or electronic equipment, poor/slow internet connection, or the inability of a listener to contact the KOOL FM for any reason whatsoever.
Decisions of KOOL FM are final and cannot be challenged.


Clue #1

To solve the puzzle and claim your bounty…Start your search in Simcoe County.

Clue # 2

If you throw a stone, results may vary…So set your sights on the city of Barrie.

Clue # 3

My gold is hidden where there’s lots to do…In between Duckworth and Mapleview.

Clue # 4

Is it on Bayfield Street? The answer is no….Downtown is where you’ll need to go.

Clue # 5

Should you feel the breeze come off the water, Rest assured, you’re getting hotter.

Clue # 6

The Spirit Catcher is very near, You can almost see my gold from here.

Clue # 7

On Dunlop Street – you’re getting warmer. West or East – I’d choose the former.


Clue # 8

It’s not too low, it’s not too tall. It’s close to Barrie’s Fire Hall.



After just 8 clues, Jim McTavish of Barrie correctly guessed that Tipsy’s Pot of Gold was hidden in the chimney stack at the former Barrie Central Collegiate High School.