KOOL FM’s Shower Radio Tour

It’s the musical tour you’ve been waiting for all year… Featuring all of your favourite artists. Playing their BIGGEST hits. Hosted by all your favourite Kool FM announcers.


It’s the KOOL FM Shower Radio Tour 2020.

This September, we’re coming to your neighbourhood for a series of drive-thru Kool FM Shower Radio deliveries. With Covid 19 shutting everything down including our offices it made it hard for you to get a shower radio, so we’re trying to change that. Come by one of our drive-thru locations and pick your free KOOL FM Shower Radio!

Shower Radio Tour Schedule:

Wednesday September 30th, 2020: Innisfil Canadian Tire Parking Lot 4-6pm

Every event will be in compliance with Covid 19 regulations, there will be no need for anyone to get out of there cars. (Maximum of 1 radio per person or 2 per car load). For everyone’s safety Walk Ups will not be allowed. In Order to get a Shower Radio you’ll need to be in a car.

The KOOL FM Shower Radio Tour 2020 presented by Barrie’s Best Mix: 107-5 Kool FM.