November 13th-16th 9am-5pm

An old fashioned Christmas bazaar (only located online) loaded with hand made items to make your Christmas special. We’ve got the Christmas Stockings, Quilts, Wall hangings, and Tree decorations . We also have great ideas for small gifts and stocking stuffers .plus many great One-of-a-Kind Items to help you get your Christmas shopping done this year. You can shop from the comfort of your own home. Every item is hand made .

Go to the WCW Christmas Bazaar  on FaceBook, then click on “discussion”
When you see an item that you wish to purchase, please type in comments ‘I would like to buy this”, or “Interested in buying this’. You will then be contacted via Facebook Messenger with the vendor information, so if you do wish to purchase something, please be sure to check your messenger.
Now that some items are posted, you are welcome to view them, but selling will not commence until November 13 at 9 a.m. Thanks. Many more items still to come. Please keep checking.