People Living In The UK May Be Able To Hug Each Other Soon

It’s been over a year since the world has been able to hug

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to give the OK for some much-needed human contact.



The UK has been easing restrictions after the majority of its residents have been vaccinated at least once.



The UK is recording around 2,000 new cases daily, compared to 70,000 in January.  Covid deaths are down significantly also with the United Kingdom recording 2 lives lost on Sunday.



Along with hugging being permitted again, Johnson is also expected to allow different households to be able to mix indoors, in pubs, and at restaurants.

Gatherings will still have a max limit of six people indoors and outdoor gatherings will be capped at 30. Indoor entertainment will start to reopen including movie theatres, sporting events, and exercise classes.



The UK was the fasted to roll out its vaccine campaign with over 50% of its population with one shot, and a quarter being totally vaccinated.  



The UK is hoping to be fully reopened by June 21st.