Repair Cafe

One of our handy volunteers will help you fix your item. Learn a new skill, save money, and help the environment. Don’t replace it, repair it!

This event is free, and visitors are invited to bring one item per visit.

Fixers are volunteers. Repairs are not guaranteed, but Fixers do their best. If you know your repair requires parts, please bring those parts. Fixers have all the basic tools.

What can be fixed? This depends on the skillset of our volunteers. Our current volunteer Fixer is great with electrical (lamps, wiring, etc.) We do not fix electronics (cell phones, laptops, etc.)

This is a learning opportunity for all involved. This is not a drop-off type event. We encourage visitors to sit with the Fixer, learn about what they’re doing, and lend a hand. It’s about figuring it out, together.

We are looking for volunteer fixers! Fixers do not need to be professionals! Hobbyists and fixing enthusiasts are welcome!! We’re looking for people who can fix electronics, furniture, bikes, simple sewing.. and more!

The main goal of the Repair Cafe is to facilitate community collaboration, and to kindle people’s enthusiasm for a sustainable society.

Want to get involved? Email for more information.