Seasons Centre for Grieving Children Educational Day

Join us for An Educational Day on Building Resilience Through Co-Regulation.

This Event Will:
-Help adults move from a “behavior management” approach to a self-regulation lens that emphasizes strategies to support the child in his/her environment
-Promote understanding of how an adult’s state of calm or stress level affects a child
-Help participants develop a restorative and self-care toolbox as part of an adult’s strategy to model self-regulation
-Show benefits of co-regulation: adult to child, child to adult, child to child

Daytime Sessions 9:00am – 4:00pm $95 includes lunch
Evening Session 6:00pm – 9:00pm Free with Registration

For more information please contact Joan Kennedy, Program Director at 705.721.5437 ext. 202 or

Should you require a subsidy to attend either session please contact Rowley Ramey, Managing Director at 705.721.5437 ext. 100 or

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