I love the idea that this is anyone’s go-to pub crawl: 

Members of something called the “Disney Day Drinkers Club” are upset after their mascot, a trash can named “Binny”, recently got relocated.  (???)

The “Disney Day Drinkers Club”, or “D3” for short, is a group of adult Disney fans who enjoy nothing more than going to Epcot and hitting up different bars around the park.  They call it “Drinking Around the World.”

You might start with a margarita in the park’s Mexico section, then move on to sangria, and so on.  A former radio host in North Carolina named Skip Sher founded the club.  It now has over 86,000 members on Facebook.

But back to that trash can:  “Binny” became the club’s official mascot two years ago after someone was drinking on the sidewalk, which is allowed, and realized his flat top was a good place to set your drink down.  They like to joke that he’s “always trashed.”

Now club members are upset because the park keeps trying to MOVE Binny to a different location.  (!!!)

He’s always been in front of a bar called Rose & Crown.  But last September, they moved him across the street to stop people from lining up for pictures and blocking the bar’s entrance.

Club members rejoiced last month when he suddenly got moved back to his original spot.  Some even bought plane tickets to go get a picture with him.  But before they could get there, Epcot moved him again.  So now the future of Binny and where he will live is still very much up in the air.