The Sexiest Cities in Canada!

Barrie didn't make the cut!

Retailer PinkCherry took their sales data over the past year and put together the sexiest cities in Canada!  Barrie didn’t make the top 20! 


PinkCherry is Canada’s largest online retailers of sexy things for sexy time!


The Top 20 sexiest cities in Canada:


  1. Calgary
  2. Surrey
  3. Edmonton
  4. Ottawa
  5. Winnipeg
  6. London
  7. Hamilton
  8. Brampton
  9. Halifax
  10. Victoria
  11. Toronto



The sexiest towns in Canada:


  1. Colwood, BC
  2. Courtenay, BC
  3. Prince Rupert, BC
  4. Fort St. John, BC
  5. Williams Lake, BI