The World Cubing Association

The World Cubing Association is hosting an event for the first time in Barrie on Saturday, February 29, 2020. For those of you who lived in the 80s, this is a throw back to the famous Rubik’s cube. While you may have never solved it, could get one line, or simply peeled the stickers off, we have a group of people who can solve this extremely fast. For some as young as 8 years old to those in their 50s, cubing is a sport for them.

The competition called Leap to Barrie, will be held on Leap Year day at the Barrie Royal Canadian Legion located at 410 St. Vincent Street in Barrie. This competition will feature the famous 3 x 3 cube as its main event along with four other events called Clock, Pyraminx, Megaminx and even solving the 3 x 3 with only one hand!

If you have never been to, seen or heard of a Rubik’s cube event, here is the low down. There are 18 official events recognized by the World Cubing Association. The competition runs similar to a track and field meet or a swim meet. Competitors compete in several different events and then there is a winner in each event. So like in track and field, competitors compete in the 100m run, the long jump and the hurdles. The competitor’s best even perhaps is the hurdles and he/she is the best in Canada at that event. Its the same for the world of cubing. There are various events like the famous 3 x 3 cube, but there is also solving a 3 x 3 blindfolded and also solving big cubes which as a big as 7 x 7.

Some of Canada’s top cubers and puzzle solvers will be on hand at this competition. Barrie’s own, grade 10 student, Lucas Nieuwland who is currently ranked 1st in Canada and 18th in the World for Clock will be there and is one of the organizers along with many other top 100 cubers including Joaquin Abarca, Ryan Wu, and Jonathan Esparaz. The event is sponsored by Cubing Out Loud a Canadian speed cube shop.

Many of the competitors are trying to qualify for this summer’s North American Championship being held in Toronto for the first time ever, running Thursday, June 25 to Sunday June 27. It being held at the Westin Harbour Castle and will host 1500 competitors from North America and around the world.

The competition on Saturday Feb 29 will take place from 9am to 5pm. Award ceremony scheduled for 5pm Its free for spectators