Why We Will Never Be Able To Tavel The Way We Used To

True story!

We’ve gotten used to our space and now a new survey finds that two-quarters of people can no longer stand to be around crowds and other people now!



A survey of 2,000 people has found 65% cannot tolerate crowds and will do everything in their power to avoid standing in lines, especially at the airport.


The pandemic has also changed our tolerance for minor inconveniences.  Sixty-one percent of people get annoyed easier now than ever before. 



Simple tasks like eating and drinking (54%), unlocking their phone (49%), and wearing glasses (48%) are a struggle because of masks and gloves.



People would also rather text than talk to anyone at this point. Six in 10 would rather use their phone to message someone than speak to someone face-to-face (61%) and to solve annoying pandemic-era problems (63%).




  1. Standing in lines 48%
  2. Checking in to flights & hotels 46%
  3. Packing clothes 44%
  4. Waking up early 43%
  5. Boarding procedures 39%
  6. Talking to customer service 38%
  7. Spending money on snacks and food 36%
  8. Getting gas 32%
  9. Being timely 31%
  10. Getting a chance to relax or catch my breath 28%
  11. Being around other people 21%
  12. Planning out trips 18%
  13. Booking tickets 17%