According To New Research, This Is What People Want From A Dream Phone!

What would be included in your dream phone!

A survey of 2,000 phone-owners discovered what the true ‘dream phone’ would feature, including having a celebrity on speed dial and the ability to make things cheaper, such as food shopping.



More than a quarter want their phone to automatically sift through their photos and delete duplicates, and half would love a universal caller ID.



Other phone goals include a social media lock that kicks in after too much scrolling and being able to ‘gift’ leftover data to charity.




1.            Tell you who’s calling – even if you don’t recognise the number

2.            An uncrackable screen

3.            Charge wirelessly from anywhere

4.            Allow you to get things, like food shopping, cheaper

5.            Automatically reject any phone contract price hikes

6.            Automatically sort through images to delete duplicates

7.            Gift leftover data to a charity of your choice

8.            Have a ‘drunk text’ filter – so you can’t send drunk texts

9.            Lock social media access if you’ve scrolled for too long

10.          Let you FaceTime someone famous