Agora: Path of Light is a Spectacular Attraction

Nightly until Oct. 25 at Blue Mountain Village

Between the Fall colours, the natural surroundings, entertainment and incredible food Blue Mountain Village now has a new attraction receiving all kinds of well earned attention.

Introducing, Agora: Path of Light

  • 3 km long circular walking path

  • Based on 5 elements of the cycles of life in nature: Air, Space, Earth, Water & Fire
  • There are five main attractions on the Agora trail; “The North Wind” representing Air, “The Dream” represents Space, “Sabia” is earth, “Aqua” for water and “Hearth” for fire
  • Agora comes to life with the language of light
  • It’s a journey of learning where one can communicate with nature

Experience Agora: Path of Light nightly until Oct. 25th at Blue Mountain Village.

Tickets are here.