AI Pets Could Replace Real Dogs and Cats!

It wouldn't be fun to snuggle!

AI-powered robotic ‘companions’ can offer benefits but also pose risks! Artificial intelligence could soon start replacing household pets — no vet bills required.

As various types of robots continue to hit the market, AI-powered “animals” have arrived on the scene as well.

One example is Go1, the world’s first intelligent quadruped robot “companion” that is developed by China’s Unitree Robotics. Yes! A Robot Dog!

Go1’s walking movements involve stability control, gait generation, motion control, navigation and obstacle avoidance, as well as learning and adaptation through AI, Unitree Robotics whatever that means!

Go1 can follow the speed of its owner — whether the owner is travelling on a bike, on a skateboard or foot — at up to 10 miles per hour, according to the company.

“AI pets cannot replicate the complex and rich experience of caring for a real animal.”