Al Capone’s Possessions Going Up For Auction

Al Capone’s personal possessions are going up for auction this fall in Sacramento.

Al Capone’s granddaughters kept many of his possessions, including guns, letters, photographs, a diamond pocket watch, a gold money clip, furniture, and a humidor, among other things.


His oldest granddaughter is now 77 and told a local news station, “These items have been in the family since the ’20s, and if anything happened to us, no one would know the stories that go with these items,” she said.


Capone said they’re selling her grandfather’s things because each of the three granddaughters is getting up in years.

One of the more unique items that will be up for sale is Al Capone’s letter from Alcatraz to his son.


The auction catalog for what’s being called “A Century of Notoriety: the Estate of Al Capone” lists 174 items.


The auction will take place on Oct. 8 at 6 p.m. at Sutter Club in downtown Sacramento. For details and to register, visit