Almost 60% Of Parents Think They Will Never Feel Energized Again!

I'm so tired!

New research has found that parents lose nearly 4,000 hours to “brain fog” while raising their children. This breaks down to about 219 hours for every year of parenting.



The average respondent gets so distracted that they lose focus in up to three tasks a day — resulting in a loss of 36 minutes daily.



Due to this brain fog, here are the things working parents tend to forget!




  1. To properly hydrate/drink water 44%
  2. To eat regularly 33%
  3. Birthdays 28%
  4. To exercise 26%
  5. Meetings/call times 25%
  6. Colleagues’ names 22%
  7. What day of the week it is 20%
  8. What time of day it is 19%
  9. When co-workers are on vacation 18%
  10. Kids activities 14%