Almost All Parents Agree That Their Teenaged Kids Are Lacking In Domestic Skills

What would it take to bring back home economics?

Perhaps this isn’t a surprise but according to a survey of 1000 parents with kids aged 13-19, about 30% of them say that their kids can’t make a bed.



Almost half of the teenagers couldn’t iron a shirt if they tried, and forget about cleaning the toilet properly.



Almost 30% of parents feel that their teenagers couldn’t fold sheets, but in fairness; who can, really?

Another 25% of parents have no confidence that the kids could vacuum a room.  The survey also revealed it’s not just the kids who are lacking in domestic skills.



Over two-thirds of the parents polled via OnePoll admitted that they are still missing some domestic life skills.



Seven in 10 confessed that thinking about how little they knew as a teen, they’re amazed they managed to grow up somewhat competent.



And 60 percent feel they were lacking essential life skills when they left home.  But, we survived!