The next phenomenon may be, audible emojis on phone calls.

Word has it Google has started rolling out “audio emoji” to Google Phone app users.  There are SIX to start:  Clapping, Laughing, Party, Crying, the Drum, and, of course, the Poop emoji.

So for example, Clapping plays a brief applause sound effect that both people hear.  The Crying emoji plays a trombone noise, the Drum gives the classic post-joke Ba-Dum ching, and the Poop emoji plays a fart noise.

If you’re doing a video call, you’re already interacting with the screen, so you’d select it like you do when you’re texting.  If you’re on an audio call, you’d have to bring the phone down from your ear to do it or be on speaker.

There will be a “cool down” period after an audible emoji is played, so you won’t be able to spam the other person with rapid-fire sounds.

It’s unclear when Google may formally announce this, when all Google users will get it, or when it might come to Apple and other phone apps.

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