Biggest Challenges Parents Face During The Summer Break!

Just 22 more nights of sleep before school starts!

Three weeks are left of summer and parents are running out of things to do with their kids.



Working parents find summer to be a huge challenge trying to balance their responsibilities and trying to take time off to spend time with the family. 



A study found that working parents try to take an average of 10 days off during the summer. 

A survey of 2,000 parents with school-aged kids says these are the biggest challenges during the summer break!  Choosing activities to do with their child, the weather, cost, and how close to home it is are all factors parents consider.



27 percent seek a creative activity, while 25 percent want it to be something inspiring, and 22 percent like to include an educational aspect.  I just want to keep them off their games!  #Momgoals!





1.            The bad weather keeps them indoors

2.            Stretching budget over the full length of the summer

3.            Trying to think of fun things to do at home that are low cost

4.            Struggling to afford to keep their child entertained

5.            Having to balance work with entertaining their child

6.            Struggling to think of suitable day trips

7.            Struggling to think of creative ways to keep their child entertained

8.            Struggling to think of enough different meals to eat

9.            Losing inspiration for activities

10.          Finding time to fit in everything they want to do

11.          The days going slow

12.          Lack of sleep

13.          All the extra laundry

14.          Tidying up toys

15.          Not having enough help with childcare