City Hall To Consider New City Hall

Council Took In Presentation Containing Three Options For Future Of City Hall Structure

You can’t fight city hall, but you can build a new one. At a meeting Monday night, council took in a presentation on the future of City Hall, the building itself, and were given three options. The aging facility, built in 1972, needs extensive repairs, according to city staff. They’ve done the legwork and have come up with three options for council to consider:

Option 1: renovate it at a cost of $57.4 million.


Option 2: build an addition and renovate the existing structure, with a price tag of $52.3 mil


Option 3: demolish the existing City Hall Tower, keep the council chambers and rotunda, and build a new addition, with a $51 million price tag.


City staff are strongly recommending option three, claiming option one would be too costly in the long run, while option two is feasible, but not recommended. City staff say a new City Hall would revitalize the downtown core, increase staff productivity, and improve the presence of a civic space and public forum. Council will have to make a choice eventually, while city staff are expected to report back with more information by June of next year.