Do You Have Popcorn Brain?

We all suffer from this at some point!

This may seem corny — but if you are feeling overwhelmed by the non-stop pace of digital media and find yourself struggling to concentrate on a single task or thought, you may have a “popcorn brain.”

“Popcorn brain refers to the tendency for our attention and focus to jump quickly from one thing to another, like popping corn kernels…

“Popcorn brain” isn’t new — the term was coined in 2011 by University of Washington researcher David Levy — but mental health experts are sharing new ways to combat the phenomenon as our lives become more digital.

One study found that 62.3% of the global population is on social media, with the average daily usage last month clocking in at 2 hours and 23 minutes.

Excessively scrolling and browsing through new posts, alerts, engagements, and advertisements triggers a small dopamine release that rewards the brain and fuels the cycle.

Over time, this constant demand for attention and the rapid switching between tasks can lead to a feeling of mental restlessness or the brain ‘bouncing around’ as it struggles to maintain focus on any one task for an extended period…

How to ease “popcorn brain”

  • Limit tech usage to certain times and undergo digital detoxes to let the brain rest and recharge.
  • Participate in screen-free activities, like meditating, enjoying nature, exercising, reading, and creating art.
  • Make sure to pause to focus on a single task to train your brain not to multitask all the time.
  • Periodically delete apps to try to regain control over social media usage.