Dream Job! Involves Beaches, Patios And S’mores!

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Coors Light is hiring people to hang out on patios, relax in a hammock, grill up corn and eat s’mores!


You need to be 19 years or older and to be available from August 12 to September 6.


Positions available include:


Hammock Mechanics
Beach Testers
Patio Supervisors
Corn Controllers ($2,500 to chill with friends as you “supervise” our expert corn grilling team as they distribute delicious flame-seared corn to everyone)
Beer Bouncer (Serve beer to your friends and get paid)
S’moretender (Win a backyard fire pit, a Coors Light Cooler, and a specially curated S’more-making kit… then get $2,500 to make s’mores for your friends!)